Relationship Skills 101 for Teenagers by Sheri Van Dijk

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. In all relationships, each individual must determine what exactly is a healthy relationship and how to balance the difference. There are many points to help create a good self-esteem in this book. Being mindful of your behavior can make or break friendships. This in itself is a building block to create a better you. Other ways to keep a relationship healthy is using communication wisely, setting limits, and social skills.

Upon reading the title, I thought it would be an interesting subject and perhaps helpful as I learn to live again without the physical and mental abuse that pushed me lower each day. Normally I do not read nonfiction. This book is intended for teenagers to learn the easy way. There is no reason anyone should have to feel unworthy, regardless of age. There is a way out.

Relationship Skills 101 for Teens
Sheri Van Dijk
Instant Help Books
New Harbinger Publications, Inc

This is a NetGalley review by Brenda

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The Buckhorn Legacy by Lori Foster

As a teenager, Emma Clark wanted Casey Hudson. She even used him as a way to escape her home life. Although Casey had other plans, he knew his life had forever changed that night. When the house awoke the next day, Emma had vanished. Now with her father in the hospital, Emma was back home. Her first meeting with Casey brought back memories. And now that he had Emma back in his arms, Casey wasn’t going to accept anything but the truth for Emma’s hasty departure eight years past.

It’s a nice ending to the men of Buckhorn. This story shows how family legacy can continue on through the generation.

The Buckhorn Legacy
Lori Foster
2002 – reprint
original title: The Buckhorn Brothers: Casey

review by Brenda

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Buckhorn Beginnings – Sawyer/Morgan

Sawyer Hudson and his son, Casey were outside working when they witnessed an accident. Rushing into the water, Sawyer finds a woman not only terrified but very sick. So he did what came naturally. He took her home.

Honey Malone knew she was being followed. No one believed her. Not even the man who saved her from a watery death. Then she finds an incriminating tape her ex-fiance hid in her music. When trouble comes to find Honey, they find the law instead.

Morgan Hudson decided it was time to settle down. With the addition of Sawyer’s wife to the family, he realized how alone he really was.  But the one woman he had no right to claim was the only one he couldn’t have because she was family.

Misty Malone cheered when Honey invited her for an extended stay. With her legal troubles, pregnancy, and no job, this suited her perfectly. Of course, one brother simply did not want her to be there…

The tales of two brothers striving to help others find the peach within when two sisters come to Buckhorn.

Buckhorn Beginnings – Sawyer/Morgan
Lori Foster
2000 – reprint

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If He’s Noble by Hannah Howell

Not quite the thing for a young lady, Primrose Wootten raced from her family home to search for her missing brother. She was worried for Simeon’s safety after her cold-blooded, vicious aunt and uncle moved into the house upon their father’s death. But that wasn’t the only reason she left. Her wicked aunt had arranged for Primrose to marry a horrid man just to pay off her uncle’s gambling debts.

Bened Vaughn is a seeker and protector. Many a time he was hired to protect the heir. So when he finds a young woman roaming the forest all alone, Bened’s protective instincts refuse to let him leave her side.

The Wherlockes series continue with a Vaughn who is now a noble man. But this man always goes back to his roots. And there is no way he would let this young lady return to her home without protection.

If He’s Nole
Hannah Howell
Zebra Books
Kensington Publishing
July 2015

a NetGalley Review by Brenda

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Forever Buckhorn – Gabe/Jordan by Lori Foster

Everything, especially women, came easy to Gabe Kasper. He is a lovable fun man not ready to settle down.  Rather he wasn’t until Elizabeth Parks showed up wanting to interview Gabe for her college thesis. As the pages turn, Gabe realizes he has the best job of all. And if the shy redhead is willing, Elizabeth will too.

Jordan Sommerville was tired of all the accidents happening. So he, along with others, decide to visit the bar owner. Georgia Barnes does what she needs to do in order to provide for her family. Jordan zooms in on Georgia the minute he steps into the bar. Thinking something is awry, Jordan steps up to assist only to have a fight ensue with everyone being arrested.

It’s a wild and crazy ride as these two brothers find their unlikely matches in all the right places.

Forever Buckhorn
Lori Foster
2012 – reprint

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No Longer a Gentleman by Mary Jo Putney

Kirkland believed Grey Sommers was alive. No word had been heard for ten years until a lead came in about an English Lord being held in a dungeon. So Kirkland sent his best spy to retrieve him. Acting an an elderly peddler woman, Cassie Fox slipped into France to fulfill another mission.

A bittersweet story of innocence lost and family found.

No Longer a Gentleman
The Lost Lords Book 4
Mary Jo Putney
Zebra Books
May 2012

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Run The Risk by Lori Foster

Logan is a man on a mission. His friend was killed in the line of duty. Without a witness, he didn’t stand a chance to find the killer. After a lot of searching, Logan finally found a clue. So he moves in next door to a Sue Meeks, the manager of the apartment building.

Sue is hiding a secret. Her real name is Pepper Yates and her brother, Rowdy, is suppose to be the witness to the crime committed. Both have been in hiding and on the run since Rowdy quit his job at at Checkers. With Rowdy missing, more than one person wants him found. One person wants him alive. The other needs Rowdy removed permanently so the crimes committed can never be told.

Pepper keeps to herself in dowdy clothes. Her outward appearance screams plain Jane. Underneath beats the heart of a woman. The more time she spends with Logan, the more Pepper wants to be herself again. In spite of self-preservation and her hands off policy, Pepper simply wants to be in Logan’s company….much to her brother’s dismay.

It’s a riveting conclusion. Once again Foster brings turmoil and romance to a satisfying close.

Run the Risk
Lori Foster
September 2012

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And The Big Question Is…..

What happens when you read the last ebook on hand and unable to access the Internet?

Very simple. Read some of the *free* books available through and There are other websites too but those are the two main sites I look for when searching for something different.

Some are cheesy.
Some are not worth your time.

But once in awhile there will be that diamond in the rough that makes you want to read more from that very author.

–the bookworm

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Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

Kelli Pinks is the good girl of Sundale. She never gets in trouble. Her friends use her as an alibi because their parents know Kelli is honest. What they don’t know is that their children pay Kelli to make excuses and be their alibi in order to see someone their parents would not approve.

One night Kelli does the unthinkable. She goes out with her best friend, Sadie. While out, she meets Chase Moroney. To her dismay, Kelli makes a spectacle of herself in front of college boys. One in particular turly got under her skin. But thinking she would never see him again, Kelli signs online to do battle only to learn her online friend is the same guy. And there starts the tale of Kelli and Chase.

This is cute. Written for teens, Cassie Mae gets tot he heart of the story and keeps dishing up more fun as the plot steadily moves onward.

July 2013

–the bookworm

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Hook’s Pan by Marie Hall

More than 100 years have passed but James Hook still mourns the loss of his beautiful Talia. Because of living in Neverland, he relived the horror day after day with no release. And he was determined to make Peter Pan pay for destroying his life.

Trishelle Page loved acting This time the play was Peter Pan when her best friend dropped the news of Trishelle’s impending departure. And Trishelle was not going to believe for one minute that her body housed an old soul destined to be Hook’s mate. So she went to rehearsal only to be in the middle of a drama with her landing in Hook’s bed smack dab in Kingdom.

Marie Hall jumps right in with a fantastical tale based on a fairy tale that grabs readers HOOK, line and sinker.

A Kingdom Novel
April 2013

–the bookworm

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