Border Bride by Amanda Scott

22 Jun

March 26, 2013

Open Road Integrated Media

Mary Katherine MacPherson was a lady through and through. She enjoyed the parties her father allowed her to attend. She enjoyed visiting relatives near and far. The one thing she did not enjoy was angering her father, Duncan. He wasn’t a brute. Nor cruel. He simply would not stand for his only daughter to behave in an “unseemly fashion.” He expected her to behave with grace and respect. Even with MaryKate was at odds with her father’s decree.

The included marriage to a man she found unclouth, and without regard to the fairer sex. Mary Kate had no choice in the matter. She would wed Sir Adam Douglas whether she wished or nay. It was not her choice. She must allow her father to chose her husband as was the Scottish way.

In this era women were more of a possession than a human being with feelings or desires. Scott is a talented storyteller who brings facts to life with a bit of care to show that some men could be tames with the right woman at his side.

–the bookworm

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