The Courting Campaign by Regina Scott

06 Jul

Score one for the Master Matchmakers.

Sir Nicholas Rotherford was on a mission. He was determined to create a light that could be carried into the mines. At one time, he had been on a team based in London. Yet he was falsely accused. So he moved his family to Derbyshire where he strove to find answers.

Emma Pyrmont obtained a position as a nanny to Alice, a spirited 4-year-old after she left London hoping never to return. Emma loved her position but it bothered her that Sir Nicholas did not pay attention to his own daughter. So she set out to reacquaint father and daughter.

This is a very cool story that brings history to life at a time when children were not seen and definitely not heard until the child became old enough to present oneself in a manner that would be pleasant to all.

Harlequin Love Inspired Historical
August 2013

–the bookworm

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