Hook’s Pan by Marie Hall

06 Sep

More than 100 years have passed but James Hook still mourns the loss of his beautiful Talia. Because of living in Neverland, he relived the horror day after day with no release. And he was determined to make Peter Pan pay for destroying his life.

Trishelle Page loved acting This time the play was Peter Pan when her best friend dropped the news of Trishelle’s impending departure. And Trishelle was not going to believe for one minute that her body housed an old soul destined to be Hook’s mate. So she went to rehearsal only to be in the middle of a drama with her landing in Hook’s bed smack dab in Kingdom.

Marie Hall jumps right in with a fantastical tale based on a fairy tale that grabs readers HOOK, line and sinker.

A Kingdom Novel
April 2013

–the bookworm

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Posted by on September 6, 2013 in ScifFi / Fantasy


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