Buckhorn Beginnings – Sawyer/Morgan

23 Sep

Sawyer Hudson and his son, Casey were outside working when they witnessed an accident. Rushing into the water, Sawyer finds a woman not only terrified but very sick. So he did what came naturally. He took her home.

Honey Malone knew she was being followed. No one believed her. Not even the man who saved her from a watery death. Then she finds an incriminating tape her ex-fiance hid in her music. When trouble comes to find Honey, they find the law instead.

Morgan Hudson decided it was time to settle down. With the addition of Sawyer’s wife to the family, he realized how alone he really was.  But the one woman he had no right to claim was the only one he couldn’t have because she was family.

Misty Malone cheered when Honey invited her for an extended stay. With her legal troubles, pregnancy, and no job, this suited her perfectly. Of course, one brother simply did not want her to be there…

The tales of two brothers striving to help others find the peach within when two sisters come to Buckhorn.

Buckhorn Beginnings – Sawyer/Morgan
Lori Foster
2000 – reprint

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