Relationship Skills 101 for Teenagers by Sheri Van Dijk

23 Sep

Everyone is responsible for their own actions. In all relationships, each individual must determine what exactly is a healthy relationship and how to balance the difference. There are many points to help create a good self-esteem in this book. Being mindful of your behavior can make or break friendships. This in itself is a building block to create a better you. Other ways to keep a relationship healthy is using communication wisely, setting limits, and social skills.

Upon reading the title, I thought it would be an interesting subject and perhaps helpful as I learn to live again without the physical and mental abuse that pushed me lower each day. Normally I do not read nonfiction. This book is intended for teenagers to learn the easy way. There is no reason anyone should have to feel unworthy, regardless of age. There is a way out.

Relationship Skills 101 for Teens
Sheri Van Dijk
Instant Help Books
New Harbinger Publications, Inc

This is a NetGalley review by Brenda

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Posted by on September 23, 2015 in Book Reviews


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