Run The Risk by Lori Foster

23 Sep

Logan is a man on a mission. His friend was killed in the line of duty. Without a witness, he didn’t stand a chance to find the killer. After a lot of searching, Logan finally found a clue. So he moves in next door to a Sue Meeks, the manager of the apartment building.

Sue is hiding a secret. Her real name is Pepper Yates and her brother, Rowdy, is suppose to be the witness to the crime committed. Both have been in hiding and on the run since Rowdy quit his job at at Checkers. With Rowdy missing, more than one person wants him found. One person wants him alive. The other needs Rowdy removed permanently so the crimes committed can never be told.

Pepper keeps to herself in dowdy clothes. Her outward appearance screams plain Jane. Underneath beats the heart of a woman. The more time she spends with Logan, the more Pepper wants to be herself again. In spite of self-preservation and her hands off policy, Pepper simply wants to be in Logan’s company….much to her brother’s dismay.

It’s a riveting conclusion. Once again Foster brings turmoil and romance to a satisfying close.

Run the Risk
Lori Foster
September 2012

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