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The Tattered Quilt by Wanda E. Brunsetter

Emma Miller loved to quilt. So with the help of her husband, she offers quilting classes. Each class is unique with a variety of members. This class is no different. From the bike and the fly-fisher to women with their own talents Emma has her hands full for she not only teaches a craft, she also works the Lord’s magic into the hearts of her students.

With multiple stories in one, Brunsetter weaves a web of magic. Emma strives to help each person come closer to God. And although Emma doesn’t always see the change, she plays a vital part in her student’s lives as they sew a quilt that comes from the heart.

Barbour Publishing

August 2013


-the bookworm

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Home to Whiskey Creek by Brenda Novak

Adelaide Davies came back to Whiskey Creek to help her Gran. She hadn’t been home long when she is abducted from her very bed and thrown down the mine. Memories assaulted Addy. She was to the point that she believed no one would find her. Yet when Noah Rackham heard her cries, he immediately came to her aid. In an instant Noah realized more was going on than Addy was telling. He tried to get her to call the police chief to no avail. That was taken out of her hands though as her Gran had already reported her as missing.

Now Addy was in a quandary. Although the attack had scared her, she did not want to press any charges. She thought she knew who had done the deed so she told Chief Stacy the abbreviated edition of the story in hopes that he would not be able to identify her attacker.

Meanwhile, Noah is going through a difficult time now that the school wanted to retire his late brother’s number. And they wanted him to speak at halftime. He wasn’t thrilled but he did take the stand. Yet this isn’t the only trouble Noah is going to find.

Novak began the Whiskey Creek series and it is much fun to come back and visit old friends and create new ones as the stories live on.

July 30 2013

-the bookworm

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The Farmer’s Bride Collection

Every woman a farmer. Every man devoted to God. This series brings laughter, tears, and heartache as one brings themselves closer to God in these heartwarming stories by six wonderful authors.

One Little Prayer by Kimberly Comeaux
The Tie that Binds by Susan K. Downs
A Homesteader, A Bride, and A Baby by JoAnne Grote
The Applesauce War by Ellen Edwards Kennedy
Sunshine Harvest by Debby Mayne
New Beginnings by Diann Mills

Barbour Publishing
August 2013

–the bookworm

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A Lancaster County Saga series by Wanda E Brunsetter

This set by Barbour Publishing encompasses a set of six individual books with each ending with a hook designed to keep one reading. I found the end of each book a disappointment because I truly wanted to know what happened next. Thankfully I was able to continue reading, which brought me full-circle as the story concludes. Because this review contains part of each book, spoilers may be unintentionally included.


With losing his job, Luke Stoltzfus also lost his desire. He was so focused on what little money they did have that he forgot his wife, Meredith, was suffering too. Then one day Luke receives a phone call that would forever change his life.


After the bus accident in Indiana that killed Luke Stoltzfus, Meredith is left alone. In mourning themselves, both sets of parents attempt to comfort and care for their daughter. Although still very much saddened, everyone is thrilled at Meredith’s announcement that she is expecting. Meanwhile Jonah Miller has moved back to Bird-In-Hand. As with winter, Jonah arrives to learn of the tragedy. He wishes to help, so he pays Meredith a visit.


Meredith had much to do to prepare for the upcoming birth. Overdoing it one day, like a child Meredith was tucked in and informed she would do nothing until the doctor gave her permission to return to her daily activities. Meanwhile in Pennsylvania, a nurse named Susan cares for a man beaten just minutes before the bus pulled out for Indiana. Since none had reported him missing, the man had been listed as a John Doe since he had remained in a coma only to awaken not knowing what happened.


As the days go by, both Susan and her sister, Anne, enjoy visiting with the unknown man. He is in physical therapy relearning how to walk and how to talk since there had been extensive damage to his vocal cords. The worst was that he had no family or friends. If he could only remember. Miles away in Bird-in-Hand, Meredith grows closer to Jonah. She has no wish to remarry. She does, however, enjoy his company as he helps with the chores Meredith can no longer manage.


Meredith has had her baby. She worries constantly about her finance. While there is enough to live day by day, Meredith knows taxes will soon arrive and is fearful she will not have enough money to pay the bills. Tine has diminished the pain but Meredith wishes Luke was by her side. However, Jonah has been so helpful that she is grateful he is her friend. As times heals physically, the man found in the bus station still has no memory of his life before the hospital. It frightens him for he wonders if he left a wife and children behind and he fears for their safety. Then it happens. Pieces of his memory return.


In the final story of the Lancaster County Saga, Luke remembers fragments of his life. Meanwhile it’s been nearly a year since his death and Meredith attempts to move on. Not only for security but to give her baby, Levi, a father figure in his growing years. Now it’s just a matter of time. Will Luke’s memory of Meredith come back before it’s too late? Will Meredith move forward and forget her vow? Will Jonah finally wed the woman he has loved for years?

This is the one that tells all!

I’ve always loved Wanda Brunsetter’s stories. Life in the slow lane sounds so appealing as our days seem to bring stress and heartache wherever we turn. Personally, I wasn’t fond to be reading six books without a definite ending. Thankfully, I could read the entire saga in one sitting without the wait for the next to be on the shelves. Normally I am not fond of sagas for this very reason. I this case, I fully recommend THE DISCOVERY series. This is one saga readers will not be able to put down until the final page is turned.

-the bookworm

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