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Fancy Free by Shelley Munro

Alice Beasley craved security. So when she was informed to come to Sloan for the reading of her godmother’s will, Alice thought nothing of it. Until she learned about her inheritance. And the fact that to inherit all, she must run the company for no less than six months. During this time Alice becomes acquainted with James Bates. He assists with the learning curve in running the business. James is also one of the subjects the elderly board requests to test the new products. The talk embarrasses Alice but what is a girl to do when your seniors out-vote you?

It’s a sweet, yet erotic, adventure for both Alice and James. One wants security. One wants nothing more than to wander. Can Alice and James learn something from the other? First thought, they will need to catch the criminal before they lose everything.

Ellora’s Cave
March 2008

–the bookworm

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The Demon Lovers Boxed Set by Kate Douglas

Formed to protect Earth, the Demon Hunters are called when needed to fight those who come to Earth to destroy and conquer. In this set of five books, Locan, Jett and Addie form a team with Addie the one to balance the forces. This basically means to keep Locan and Jett from killing one another. All of the stories relate to another. The best way to read these fabulous adventures is in order. Douglas once again brings harmony to a world that knows no bounds.

Caution: Readers over 18 only

Books in this set include:

Beyond the Page Publishing
June 2013

–the bookworm

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Truckee Wolves: Toxic by Belinda McBride

They were a pack. They found their own. Most were traumatized. Others took comfort that they were not alone. Rico Montgomery was torn from the pack at a young age when his mother was killed. With luck and knowledge, Rico survived among the humans for years before returning home.

Dionne was living a perfectly content life. One that she felt comfortable with until an envelope slid under the door instructing her to pack and leave with her two children. Years later Dionne is still very much involved with both Briony and Kendall protecting them from the evil surrounding their parents’ deaths. Kendall’s gift had become known. Briony’s gift was with animals. So when she cozies up to Ranger Rico, she is a bit surprised about her feelings.

Fantasies can come true for those who enjoy some play in the bedroom. This story guarantees a quick read and innovative sex. TOXIC is more than just a tale of of two opposites attraction. It also contains a valuable lesson about chocolate.

An entirely new edition published by Loose ID McBride had a good, even excellent storyline. However, the writing itself drew readers down a different path wanting to connect with secondary characters and at the same time leaving readers clueless.

Loose Id, LLC
April 2013

–the bookworm

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Taken by Him by Red Garnier

After being shot and with friends believing it wouldn’t be the last attempt, Luke Preston agreed to take a vacation and get away from Chicago. Peyton Lane also needed a break. She needed a break from being a workaholic. And she decided one week of fun at the Riviera Maya Beach Resort would be the ticket. Then she could get back to her boring daily life. But Luke would not let her be once she arrived back home. Not in her dreams. Not at work. So she crashed his party!

An erotic tilt to finding love on holiday, the second book in The Billionaire’s Club is the ticket.

St. Martins Press
May 2013

-the bookworm


Beyond Eden by Kele Moon

At 18, Even Everton was ready to spread her wings and get out from under her mother’s oppressive thumb. While Eve succeeded by forging a life in New York, her dream fell apart as she lost her job, fiance, and her dog in one fell swoop.

Fast forward ten years. Even is back in Tampa putting her life back together. Out shopping Eve meets Danny Carlow. A conversation between the two feels like old times and Eve remembers her first love, Paul. All three have secrets. Those secrets are not for the faint of heart. Nor the contents of this very descriptive tale that reunites old friends to make new memories.

Moon pulls no punches. Readers who can not handle bondage or anything related should NOT read BEYOND EDEN. Yet those who enjoy a bit of danger and spice will be right at home

Ellora’s Cave
September 2010
-the bookworm

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