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From three fabulous authors comes a book direct from history.

Hostages. Betrothals. Heirs. Straight from their historical analytically minds come three compelling novellas. Each has a different plot. Each shares the scenery. And each proves that no matter the era, true love will find the way. Especially in the pens of notorious authors ready to unleash their own brand of justice. The highlands are sacred. While it is true the medieval era was not altogether friendly, each of these fine authors take the brash and add a hefty doe of woman to bring about stories that touch the heartstrings.


June 2013


The Warrior and The Rose by Brenda Joyce

The Forbidden Highlander by Terri Brisban

Rescued by the Highland Warrior by Michelle Willingham

-the bookworm

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A Most Scandalous Proposal by Ashlyn MacNamara

William Ludlowe had big plans. After learning he was the next in line for the title of Clivesden, he decided he wanted Julia St. Clair for her countess. Unfortunately for him, Julia wanted no part of him while her sister, Sophiam and best friend, Benedict Revelstoke, had other plans.

While Sophia had loved the man for the past five years, she was more than upset when she finds herself in a compromising position forcing her to wed another. On the other hand, Benedict knew more about William than he cared to admit and could not understand why Julia finally accepted his proposal.

Things are not always as they seem. When Julia realized her father was in on the engagement, she speaks to him only to realize that he is deep in debt to Ludlowe. And she is the price. So Julia does what comes naturally. She heads to her childhood best friend’s house.

MacNamara tells a good tale. The characters leap off the page settling directly into reader’s hearts. And those hearts can do no less than root for the underdog.

Ballantine Books
February 2013
ebook: 978-0345-53475-0

–the bookworm

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Highland Fling by Amanda Scott

The Earl of Rothwell was awarded Scottish lands months before. Until now he believed his manager was taking care of his new tenants. Then Maggie MacDrumin showed up in London.

Invoking the only name she knew, Maggie was lucky her landlord’s brother just happened to be in the courtroom as she was being charged with theft. Tragedy seems to follow Maggie at every step. And when Ned decides to visit the estate in the Highlands, Maggie and James go along for the ride. Then Maggie’s friend, Kate and her gang, attacks their coach.

Humorous and witty!

Amanda Scott takes her time in telling the story. Patience is a must to keep reading. Holding true to this task is definitely worth the wait.

Open Road Integrated Media
Book 1 Highland Series
March 2013

–the bookworm

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