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Stone Guardian by Danielle Monsch

The realms that once were apart collided the day Larissa Miller was born. Safe within the boundaries of human realm, Larissa never thought she would be in danger. So when she is attacked by zombies, and then saved by a gargoyle, Larissa doesn’t know what to think. The wards spun should keep all magic OUT. But seeing is believing and she sees danger at every corner. She no longer knows who to believe. Yet Terak has kept her safe as he promised. There is no way she will survive this onslaught without protection. From Terak. And her family. And then there’s that question of WHY is Larissa wanted?

Shocking! Fascinating! Drooling! Gather forces together to see how this story is going down.

Romantic Geek Publishing
July 2013

–the bookworm

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Forever by Jacquelyn Frank

Menes has risen.

After learning of his sister’s death. And her resurrection. Jackson Waverly was last seen being thrown landing on a windshield, which effectively ended his own life. In the world of Bodywalkers who come back from the ether, in exchange for life, Jackson agrees to be host of a pharaoh. Three weeks after the incident, Jackson knows it is time to quit his job. He can no longer be out in daylight. That point was brought home quite severely the night a child went missing. Knowing dawn was about to break, Jackson begged the sexy doctor, Marissa Anderson, to help. Minutes later, they are flying through lonely backroads to a safe place.

Jackson then recovers and heads directly to his best friends’ home to find utter destruction. Menes turns and finds his best friend Ramses along with Jackson’s sister, Docia, outside the home informing him he is in serious danger. A little late for that but another, more urgent problem arises.

Not knowing what to do, everyone heads to their home base to formulate a plan. Suddenly another danger lurks. Kamen arrives carrying Leo. And also carries a message in his heart of an upcoming slaughter of his own making.

In the midst of the love story between Jackson and Marissa, the plot thickens. Jackson is unsure if he or Menes is feeling the attraction. When Jackson realizes the truth, he does everything possible to convince Marissa she is his one and only and he wants no other. Except for the fact that Menes awaits the love of his life. And Marissa has been chosen to be her vessel.

A neat little story. While reading all the books in order does lessen the confusion, I personally would not try picking up this series now WITHOUT reading some of the previous books.

Here’s the next tale of the Nightwalkers.

Random House
Ballantine Books
May 2013
The World of Nightwalkers

–the bookworm

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Twisted by Rebecca Zanetti

Once upon a time Maggie Malone had mated with Terrent Vilks. Shortly after she had been captured by The Kurjans. Although she had been saved by the vampires, her memory had not yet returned. Much older, her mind covered ten years. Then for her safety, she was returned to the wolves. Being poked and prodded was not her idea of fun yet they believed they could find a cure. Yet when the test results came back, the doctors were amazed. Maggie was no longer just a Vaile Wolf. She now was a mutant. Not on a mutant but The Kurjans modified her brain waves to send out a scent was now a weapon to everyone and anyone.

Admitting fear is one thing. Conquering it is another. Maggie was terrified of being a lab rat so she did want any woman would do in her situation. The plot is not deep nor are the characters fully developed. Yet this is not a full length novel which makes for a quick read well worth the time.

June 2013
-the bookworm

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