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And The Big Question Is…..

What happens when you read the last ebook on hand and unable to access the Internet?

Very simple. Read some of the *free* books available through and There are other websites too but those are the two main sites I look for when searching for something different.

Some are cheesy.
Some are not worth your time.

But once in awhile there will be that diamond in the rough that makes you want to read more from that very author.

–the bookworm

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Independence and All That

As an independent book reviewer, the load is full, the gratitude nil, yet the rewards reap the best of benefits. Okay, that may not be totally the truth but it does sound better than what I originally began to say.

Now for the truth. I’ve been in and around the book world for more years than I care to admit. Life took a major uturn and I fell away from what I truly loved doing. I cannot say I am sorry. I cannot say I didn’t need that break. But I can say that I missed reading. I missed the joys of finding the gem mixed in the horrendous tbr stack that still awaits. Although I tend to read the newer releases first, every so often I grab one of those older ARCs and realize what a treasure I missed out on reading way back when.

As for why I came back on the scene….all I can say is that I missed writing down my thoughts. Before I took that break, I was writing long reviews. Some were 500 words or more. I hated it. I literally took longer writing the review than it took me to read the book. That just isn’t in the cards. It shouldn’t have been at that time either. But that’s what happens when people begin to demand in-depth critiques. I caved. I thought that if I did what others were asking me to do, I would be happy with myself. And in turn, perhaps I would earn some recognition for my¬† hard work.

I can hear you all laughing. That’s okay. You can laugh. I’m laughing. Now. At the time I honestly was not laughing. I wanted to be everything to everyone. My personal life was horrid and I figured that if I could find a niche in the online world, I would find some self-worth. Thankfully, I did but it wasn’t because of anything I did online. So now that you know what I don’t, you may see the humor in the whole scheme of life.

I’m not too sure where this site is headed. I was planning on creating an online e-magazine. Then decided against it because I would mostly be duplicating what I’m doing for free gratis at That site began in July 2010 because I wanted to do something. I’ve learned more than I ever cared to learn about celebrities, music, and movies. But it is interesting. I can actually converse with my kids about music. Kinda. Especially when I know something they don’t. I think that bugs them more than anything else but you can tell how much that bothers me. (not!)

I needed something different though. When the concept of Romantic Beats came to mind, I thought there was no way. Over the next week, I decided that I could do it and began to make plans. Those plans weren’t necessarily cut short. But they were altered. And this is it. I’m not exactly sure where it’s going to go. What I do know is that I will be posting all of my reviews here. I’m thinking – especially since newspapers are more or less doing away with their book sections – I may write ridiculous columns about books every so often. It will be a column that may mention names. So if you are mentioned, it’s to make a point. What that point may be will be up to the individual reader to decide. I’m just going to write without a single purpose except to entertain.



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