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Friday Night Alibi by Cassie Mae

Kelli Pinks is the good girl of Sundale. She never gets in trouble. Her friends use her as an alibi because their parents know Kelli is honest. What they don’t know is that their children pay Kelli to make excuses and be their alibi in order to see someone their parents would not approve.

One night Kelli does the unthinkable. She goes out with her best friend, Sadie. While out, she meets Chase Moroney. To her dismay, Kelli makes a spectacle of herself in front of college boys. One in particular turly got under her skin. But thinking she would never see him again, Kelli signs online to do battle only to learn her online friend is the same guy. And there starts the tale of Kelli and Chase.

This is cute. Written for teens, Cassie Mae gets tot he heart of the story and keeps dishing up more fun as the plot steadily moves onward.

July 2013

–the bookworm

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